Keeping Your Domain Current

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When you fail to keep your domain current, or you let it lapse, someone comes swooping and purchases your old name and then attaches it to a site that is loaded with advertisements and collects all of the hit’s to the new site. To avoid letting your domain lapse, I’ve included a few tips below on how you can keep your domain current.

●Make sure you keep your contact information up to date. Anytime you change your phone number, email address, messenger id, etc…go on your domain and up date the information.
●Don’t use a free email account for your domain unless you access it all the time. If you fail to log into your free email account for 30 day’s, they delete you.
●Register your domain name for more then just one year. This will also save you money as the price will most likely go down when you register for several year’s at a time.

● Take advantage of auto renew. Most registries offer this service, which allows registrants who buy a domain name for a year to auto renew it with a credit card. Adelman adds that you should make sure your payment information is current.

How do you make sure your domain stay’s current?

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