Lynne states “My interest was to find a true home based business that I could get involved with, that would allow me the freedom of time, great money potential, and a business where you did not have to talk with family and friends, annoying the people you love. See I was involved in a network marketing company for the last five years. Even though I would say I did have some success with this company and their products were excellent, I was in a dilemma where I could never consistently make the amount of money that I needed. Also that MLM company considers it self to be a Home Based Business, but I found myself always away from my home, attending meetings at hotels, homes and restaurants.

So this time around I wanted to find something that truly gave me the opportunity to work from my home and no more running to people’s homes, hotels, and restaurants”. Lynne did an extensive search and reviewed many home based business opportunities. As a result of her diligent search, she found the Big Ticket To Wealth business which is an online marketing company. She explains “I am now teamed up with some of the top online powerhouses like founding mastermind marketer Aaron Johnson and CEO Gerald Van Yerxa”.

Big Ticket To Wealth members are taking the online business to higher levels due to the exceptional mentoring, training and support offered. The company also has phenomenal products for entrepreneurs and business owners. To top it all off, they have the best compensation plan with out question.

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