Oh no, here come the Bloggers
photo credit: Brett L.

When you operate a blog for your online business, it is important to have as many supporters as possible. Your blog supporters are the life blood of your blog, they make your profits and word of mouth advertising sore. Here are some tips on obtaining more blog supporters for your online business blog from CoppyBlogger:

  • Offer a bribe. Meaning, nothing illegal, but offer a bribe such as free e-courses or a free e-book upon subscription to your blog.
  • Make it easy and obvious. Make sure your subscriptions are prominent, offer them at the bottom of each post.
  • Become a guest blogger. Some may think it’s crazy to post on someone else’s blog, but this is a sure and easy way to create more exposure for you own blog.
  • Post in forums. Become helpful and proactive in your niche, people will become more aware that your offering your helpful tips and service and they will want to see what else you have to offer on your blog.
  • Networking. This is perhaps the most overlooked strategy for gaining traffic and subscribers.
  • Don’t badger other bloggers for links, because it rarely works anymore. Find a way to help them with something, and then eventually work that initial graciousness into a business relationship and even friendship.

    What suggestions do you have for obtaining more blog supporters?

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