Dibspace Hopes To Cash In On Bartering


How does a tight-on-money musician make plans to treat herself to a luxurious massage, accounting help and a marketing consultant?

Seattle piano teacher Josie Davis, who intends to partake of all three, says it’s simple: Book the services without having to pay for them. At least not with dollars.

Davis is a member of a growing Seattle community on Dibspace.com, a barter currency Web site that launched seven weeks ago.

“I can take care of myself and treat myself to things that I don’t have the finances for right now,” said 28-year-old Davis. “If it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t get a haircut right now.”

Seattle-based Dibspace could become something that small businesses use across the country, says founder and President Dominic Canterbury.

The service is still small: It has about 600 members who have posted about 200 offers. The offers are worth $31,000.

Photo by Dibspace.

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