Hooters’ Chief Executive Paves His Own Way

Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Coby Brooks is vague at times when asked about his occupation.

The 39-year-old president and CEO will often start out by telling strangers he simply works in the “restaurant business.”

“Once you say Hooters, you’re going to be in a conversation for a while,” Brooks explained.

It’s a small example of a major difference between Coby Brooks and his father, the late Bob Brooks, who built Atlanta-based Hooters of America into an international brand. Bob Brooks relished in the Hooters name, plastering it across airliners, speed boats, race cars and golf tournaments.

Hooters, thanks largely to Bob Brooks’ bravado, is world famous for buxom waitresses in tight white tops and bright orange shorts.

But beyond the skimpy uniforms, there’s a deeper story shaped by family relationships and tragedy.

From the beginning… read on.

Photo: Vino Wong.

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