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Your in business for yourself, you have a website but can’t seem to get the traffic you would like and need. Your having trouble reaching your own part of the loyal customer base for your business. What do you do to fix these problems? There are a few suggestions on how you can create more traffic, reach your own part of the customer base and have some really breakthrough content marketing recently discussed on copyblogger. Think of it as kind of like training your new puppy. You give him a cookie when he sits, a cookie when he shakes, after a while he think’s the sitting and shaking was all his idea and continues to do it. Give your readers really high-quality material to keep them coming back for more. Give them something that is truly worth their time to read. When you were younger, your parents told you to give as much as you receive, treat others the way you would want to be treated. Same thing in business, treat your customer how you would want a business to treat you, give them as much as you can from your business like you would expect as a customer yourself.

Sell smart. Successful salespeople will tell you that your customer needs to know, trust and like you before she’ll buy. That’s exactly why content marketing is so effective. Great content buys you the time to build that trusting relationship. So use that time wisely. Do you have ideas for breakthrough content marketing?