How to Gain More Publicity

June 2009
photo credit: h.koppdelaney

In business everyone is always looking for new and better ways to gain as much publicity as they can, generate as much traffic and attention to their business in a short amount of time. On of the biggest secret weapons to gaining more publicity is something that people rarely think about since it isn’t seen that much, editorial calendars.

Margie Zabel Fisher recently did an article on Small Business Trends on this way of gaining more publicity for your business. If you can gain access to editorial calendars and know about upcoming stories that will be published, or upcoming topics that are to be discussed, you can include your notes and suggestions.

This has the general idea that by you contributing your notes, suggestions and suggested topics you will in turn gain more publicity for your business. You can also incorporate your ads into some of the topics and editorials that you find.

Offer story ideas with enough lead time. The lead time for publications varies, and can be as much as six months or more. If you’re not sure of the lead time, assume three to six months.

Have you used Editorial calendars to gain publicity for your business?

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