Under the stairs
photo credit: *Susie*

When you reach a point in your home based business that you decide to take on a staff, there are a few rules that you should take into consideration before moving forward. While I urge you to read the complete list at entrepreneur.com, I have put a few of the suggestions below that were found on Entrepreneur.com.

●Make sure potential employees are comfortable working out of a home office.
●Establish a separate space just for meeting’s.
●Take bathroom facilities into consideration.
●Provide a generous amount of vacation time, working in a home office is very tense.
●Have separate exit and entrance’s to your home office designated.

Most importantly, while setting up interviews, make sure you let them know this is a home based operation so that they are prepared when they drive up to a large brick house in a suburb.

For the first few minutes of my interview (those critical moments when impressions are set and judgments are made), I was in a haze. I was thinking, What does this company do again? Am I seriously considering working out of someone’s house? I’m sure I projected an air of total confidence.

What ideas for interviewing home based business staff can you think of?