Real-Estate Investing Is For Soccer Moms

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If there is anyone who should seriously consider investing in real estate it is America’s army of Soccer Moms. “These extraordinary women generally have what it takes and need what it provides” so the assessment of authors and women real-estate investors S.A. Philipp and Barbara Heil-Sonneck. “The biggest threat to America’s Soccer Mom is the lack of financial security and therefore also personal independence in her later years,” warns S.A. Philipp. “The risk of divorce and widowhood is real.”

So what is a mother to do, if she doesn’t want to sacrifice taking care of her family full time, while still trying to secure her own retirement? “Get motivated, educate yourself and start small,” advices Barbara Heil-Sonneck, herself a mother. “I used to inspect potential real-estate investment homes pushing a baby stroller and my son has attended more real-estate closings before the age of three than most people do in a lifetime.” It’s common knowledge that women have always had a special talent for real estate. As highlighted in the authors’ latest book The Venus Approach to Real-Estate Investing – America’s Most Successful Women Real-Estate Investors Reveal It All: Trade Secrets, Stiletto Methods and Motherly Love many highly successful women real-estate investors have used this gift to get started in this business. “It can be done on the side, while shuttling between soccer practice and ballet classes,” explains S.A. Philipp. “That’s why we focus our expertise in encouraging and mentoring women real-estate investors.”

The authors offer an in-depth examination into the gender-specific ways women investors use their inherent skills to identify business opportunities, interact with their counterparts, negotiate profitable deals, set up systems to streamline their course of action, all the while satisfying their natural desire to nurture their environment and fulfill their need for personal harmony and happiness.

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