Women’s intuition is powerful but often overlooked. Pair it with business savvy, an eye for detail and a little humor and you have FSM, a magazine for all the mompreneurs out there juggling a business and family life.

More than 90 percent of the Moms who have acted on at least one tip in FSM magazine have experienced 15 percent growth in revenue or more, according to surveys. That’s not something many businesses can say in the current economy.

“It’s not a pretty magazine, but it’s powerful. It gives understandable advice to Moms who are juggling a business and personal life. It helps cut the clutter and restore sanity” says Yvette Syversen, publisher of Female Solopreneur Monthly.

FSM highlights profit producing ideas and tips so solo-business owners can fine-tune their operations and grow their income. The magazine reads like an easy conversation over coffee, suggesting step-by-step actions that can be easily taken.

“It’s not easy to run a business if there are missing links. FSM shows a lot of short cuts and tools that can help take the pain out of running your own show. FSM is designed to give ideas on eliminating wasted time and grunge work while increasing profits” says Syversen.

Screenshot from EZ Business Growth