Pet Entrepreneurs Earning Big Bucks

Despite those cheering pictures of Bo, the Obamas’ new puppy, there’s nothing soft and cuddly about the pet industry.

It is worth billions annually, a fact not lost on countless entrepreneurs who have started pet-related companies.

In some cases, all that’s needed is a stove, a sewing machine or a willingness to walk or scoop pooh.

While most of the big money goes to pet food manufacturers, pet insurers like Pet Plan and, unfortunately, puppy mills, pet entrepreneurs – ‘petpreneurs’ – are getting into the act and doing well.

These fall into three main categories. The first encompasses breeders and businesspeople selling books and seminars on starting pet-related businesses.

The second caters to the desires of the animals, mostly with food and toys, and the third, to their owners who want someone else to do walking duty, pick up pooh, groom, train, mind, paint portraits of, make horoscopes for, and dress their furry friends.

Photo by arkanimals.

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