“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.”
photo credit: ginnerobot

A recent study was done on small business Optimism last fall. While most would think that the answers would be dreary in nature due to the economy, it turned out to be actually quite the opposite by surprise.

It was shown that more than half of the small business owners responded with all of the many different opportunities they see in the future. Despite the recession going on, an amazing 1/3 were very optimistic about their business in the new year.

Even more surprising was that only 10 percent of surveyed small business’ expected to lower their employment within the new year located in an article on Small Biz Labs. The rest were quite sure that their company would have the same or better financial status in the new year.

Research has consistently shown that regardless of the current economy, small business owners and managers are positive about the future of their firms. This is still the case even in the face of a very difficult economic environment.

How do you feel about your business in this new year?