Safety at work

Safety First
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We have been spending a lot of time on advertising, sales, hiring, promotions and how to handle them, etc. But one of the most important factors in your company and what can be the most costly is safety. Below are a few key points that should help you establish safety in your work place.

For starters, most importantly, make sure you are following OSHA standards in your safety policy. Read about some of these in an article located on

“All employers, whether they have one employee or 1,000, are subject to federal OSHA requirements. However, in states where a federally certified plan has been adopted, the state plan governs. State standards must be at least as strict as the federal standards.”

Control the actions of your employees and be willing to let go of those who do not following safety rules repeatedly. Modify the employment conditions to make it safer if need be.

Make sure you put your safety policy in writing, distribute a copy of this policy to each employee, also post a copy in the office, on the floor where the employees are and also a copy in any break room. This will ensure that they will definitely see it at least once.

What safety steps do you take in your company?

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