Brokers are always looking for that “edge” over the competition. They are looking for a fresh, new and innovative way of attracting professional agents and qualified customers. Franchising is still one of the most viable options and one to be considered because it offers the broker increased visibility in the marketplace, recruiting opportunities, and a serious ability to increase productivity.

Hiring professional top producing agents is a must to stay competitive, but this daunting task is made easier if you have the established and proven tools and systems supporting you. Additionally, providing leads to your team of agents as well as tools such as professional marketing materials and follow up tools to help them grow their businesses is critical. Joining a franchise that provides these leads and tools may just be the key to your survival as well as continued success or lack thereof.

However, before you buy a franchise you should consider having a professional advocate in your corner to lead you through the maze of analysis and purchase of a franchise. The experts at EFC (Executive Franchise Consulting), one of the leading real estate franchise consulting companies based out of Austin, Texas provide just these types of services. Brokers who want to take their company to the next level now need help more than ever before All the major franchisors have lost hundreds, if not, thousands of franchisees over the past several years and there is a serious push under way across the United States to try and replace these losses.

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