Skyecandy Brings Speed Dating To Skype


Skyecandy introduced video speed dating to Skype users, a fast, fun and free service that matches members for 5 minute speed dates with real people all over the world from the comfort and security of their own home.

Skyecandy is inviting male and female Skype users all around the world to be the first to try it out and provide feedback.

Designed With Women in Mind. Skyecandy is all about having fun and is designed to encourage a friendly environment where every member has a visible history of friendliness.

Skyecandy offers females the security to interact face to face and meet potential partners or make new friends using Skype without having to exchange any personal information. is the first Video Speed dating service on Skype and allows members to be matched to real people all over the world for consecutive speed dates, continuously scheduled every few minutes.

Skyecandy is committed to bringing a fun and friendly experience and introduces Friendly Star Rating, P.S Notes and personal Reminder Notes to its online speed dating community.

Photo by Skyecandy.

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