Dollar General Pole Sign, Schroon Lake NY
photo credit: NNECAPA

In today’s economy one might ask what is so great about starting a franchise, they may feel there are more risks than there is benefits. However, there are actually some really great aspects and postives to starting a francise recently discussed on Small Business Trends.

Remember that when you purchase a franchise your also purchasing their proven business model along with it. Your bypassing all the time and effort they spent tweaking the business model until they found one that worked well. Your going into it already knowing exactly what needs to be done in order for you to come out successful.

The Franchisee Network. This may be the best part of the franchise business model. As you learn more and more about the franchise offering that you are interested in, you will find that the franchise director or salesperson can only go so far in dispensing pertinent information about the franchise opportunity. It will be time for you to reach out and talk to the network of franchise owners who are in the business that you may want to get into yourself.

Once all the paperwork is signed and the T’s are crossed and that check you wrote for the business has been cashed, now it’s up to the franchisor to teach you their way’s. You will receive free exstensive and formal training in that paticular business, by time your done you will have all the knowledge you will need to get going.

What are your thoughts on purchasing a francise?