Keeping Your Employees Engaged

photo credit: Iain Farrell

Marshall Goldsmith recently did an article on ways to improve the level of engagement from your employees during difficult times. With the way business and the economy is doing right now, it is very critical to keep your employees as engaged as you can.

The biggest piece of advice is communication. This can not be stressed enough. You have to remember that while you are trying 30 different ways to keep the business afloat, your employees are worried, thinking, wondering and pondering the possibility of not having a job in the future. So make sure that you completely inform your employees every step of the way in the businesses endeavors.

Involve your employees in ways to better the business. Let them put in their two cents of the different sectors of the company, let them give ideas on new services and products that may boost business and revenue.

Upgrade Talent: Avoid the Freeze. Now is the time to let go of the losers, thereby raising the average level of talent in the organization. That doesn’t mean a freeze on hiring, however. Instead, it may be a great time to take advantage of a depressed talent market by making a few strategic hires of long-sought candidates from competitors or other organizations.

How do you keep your employees engaged?

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