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While a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that making money off of other business’ advertising on their site is easy, this is a huge misconception. In order to generate a large flow of cash you need to have a great niche, a huge amount of traffic through your site and you need to promise all advertisers that they will get a great placement on your site.

“Joining another company’s affiliate program is one of the simplest ways to get started with internet advertising. While affiliate links aren’t technically ads, they allow you to make money by promoting someone else’s product.”

Contact business directly and professionally about advertising their company on your website. Make sure you have vial proof to show that their business will get a lot of attention and traffic through your site.

If you also provide blogs, consider signing up for a blog specific advertising system. Make sure that all ad’s you consider adding to your site are ad’s that your audience will find useful and that match the type’s of other business you advertise for as suggested in a recent article on

How do you attract advertisers for your online site?