Mistakes Managers Make

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As managers it is often found that they mis communicate to their employees, meaning they speak what they shouldn’t, they keep vital information to their selves or they just simply assume or say the wrong thing all together. Being in the position of manager is a very important role that requires you to be on top of what your speaking and how you are acting at all times. On wrong little message can send all your employees into a frenzy quickly. Below are a few thing’s off of a list found on Harvard Business that are common mistakes managers make.

Making controversial announcements without doing groundwork first. Any controversial decision can engender rumors, anxiety, and resistance. So rather than announcing a controversial decision to an entire group, prep people one-on-one. Learn who will object, and why.

If you are in a manager position or even a position that is higher, you can expect to not hear about problems and complications until it is almost too late to fix them. That is simply the nature of being in a powerful place, those situations are generally kept from you.

Using wrong types of communications for certain issues is a big mistake. Email for example is a great way to communicate simple issues such as work schedules, notice of meetings coming up, etc. However, you wouldn’t want to use this same communication tool for something such as a personal employee issue or any issue that revolves around high emotion’s.

What can you add to manager mistakes that are often made?

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