Remnants from cyclone Sidr
photo credit: joiseyshowaa

Say there is a flood or some sort that flows all through your business, or even an earthquake, hurricane or a small tornado comes through and wipes out your entire business, what do you do? An article was posted on  regarding this very issue.

Sure, your property insurance will cover the damages and rebuilding of your business, but what about your lost income during this time. You could be out of business temporarily for week’s or even month’s.

There is business interruption coverage that will cover your losses while you are rebuilding. This coverage can provide enough money to cover you for your overhead costs and other expenses while your out of business.

The cost of such insurance depends naturally on the size of your business and it’s income that it normally bring’s in. Visit your local insurance company to inquire about business interruption coverage.

What will you depend on if your business is out of commission for month’s?