Quit Bragging

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Could bragging about your booming business to your customers be actually hurting you more? Cath Lawson wrote an article on how your customers may not like your bragging as much as you think they do. When your doing bad in an area of your own life, the last thing you want to hear is everyone around you bragging about how great they are doing.

Your customers may be more opt to spend money other places when all they ever hear is you bragging about how great you are doing. Your bragging could end up causing them to think “well they don’t need my business, i’ll go to someone who isn’t doing as well and REALLY needs my business.”

Maybe you’re so financially savvy that you’re not even struggling at all. Don’t let people know that. Skint is the new black. Folk who aren’t suffering at all know it’s fashionable right now to be frugal. And even if you’re no fashionista yourself, you’re bound to have customers who are, so make sure you come up with some novel ideas that will appeal to their new slimline budget.

What are your thoughts on this concept of bragging to customers?

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