Boosting Your Leadership Confidence

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We often think that CEO’S at the top of an organization have all the self-confidence in the world. The problem is, that there are leaders out there who don’t posses this quality in them, but make it through each day by the skin of their nose. Discussion Leader posted an article regarding this topic not that long ago.

I rarely encounter this issue in my work with CEOs and potential CEOs because people at the top of huge organizations don’t often have self-confidence problems. But I have had several inquiries lately about helping future leaders who need to demonstrate more self-confidence.

First, make sure you truly want to be a leader. All too often leaders were kind of thrown into the role before they have a chance to really contemplate it. Remember that you are human, all of us fall down sometime’s, pick yourself up and continue on.

Gather ton’s and ton’s of data, ask for advice from your co-workers but in the end go with your gut instinct and do what you think is best. Even during time’s where you feel overwhelmed or that your not sure of what your doing…don’t let them see it on the outside, demonstrate courage and self-confidence to them rather than uncertainty.

Do you have suggestions for leaders to boost their self-confidence?

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