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In our search to find a good paying jobs with excellent family benefits and retirement plans, there are quite a few jobs that are actually very well paid that most everyone seems to overlook. Take a look below to find out why these are overlooked.

●Crab fisherman. Of course there is a certain season for this job, and people tend to stray from jobs that are by the season. However, a crab fisherman that is mildly experienced can catch around $50,000 worth of crab in a 8 week period.
●Podiatrist. Let’s face it…most people turn their heads at the thought of playing with other peoples feet all day long. The average yearly earnings of a podiatrist however is around $149,000.
●Accountant. Again, lets face it, most of us hated taking this class in school little own doing it for a living staring a numbers all day long. But the starting salary for this job is $41,000 and experienced accountants have been known to pull down a huge $200,000 or more a year.
●Crop duster pilot. This job has some serious risks to it which is why most people stray from it, you have to fly at a dangerous altitude avoiding power lines to get the perfect spray. However, you can pull down a mean $80,000 per year with this job.
●Sewer inspector. Okay, this should be self explanatory as to why you would pass up this job. The starting salary is not very high at a low $34,960 but with a few year’s in the field you can reach over $61,000.

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What are some jobs you never thought would pay so well?

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