Inventor Markets Baby Product

The Register-Mail:

The baby Flipple, sippy cups, children’s clothing lines – Linda Larson Lewis is ready to begin sipping the sweet taste of success.

The retired Gates Rubber Co. employee hopes to post other products for children on her Web site, a cyber superstore of sorts.

She anxiously awaits the day when she can take a healthy gulp of what it may all mean when her invention matures.

A perfect storm of circumstances led Lewis to invent the Flipple – a funnel used to put baby formula into any bottled water container.

The funnel is turned over, screwed onto the bottle, then the nipple is screwed on and the bottled water container becomes a baby bottle.

A somewhat soggy grandson helped Lewis come up with the idea.

It’s one thing to look at something and say “why not?” and come up with an idea that seems so simple one wonders why no one else thought of it.

It’s another to find the solution to problems not even dreamed of and develop a product ready for the retail market.

Lewis has been working for 2 years on the Flipple. Because of different types of threads on bottled water containers, she had to devise a design that would work with any type of bottled water container.

Photo by Flipple Company.

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