StickieStory Offers A Personal Touch With Each Adventure

When is the last time your child opened up a book and read it? In a world of video games and television, books aren’t always at the top of their list. For some younger children, StickieStory might be able to change their mind.

From the mind of Virginia Ritacco, StickieStories have offered a personalized adventure for children everywhere. In less than a year they have managed to create 2 different stories, with plans for 2 more stories in the near future.

What was the inspiration behind Stickiestory?

Since 1998 I have been living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that is 250 miles far from the city I was born.

When my first nephew was born in my city I was afraid that he wouldn’t remember me, so I started writing and drawing stories for him including photos of our faces.

The result was he and the whole family were amazed and I started developing the sticker story books.

How many books are currently available? What are they?

We already have 2 books that include “Space Adventure” and “Super Super”, a superhero tale.

Do you have any plans to add any new books in the future?

Yes, we are working in two new stories: ”“Sweet Princess” and “My Earth” an Environment tale, also we plan to add two new stories each month.

What is the age range for your books?

Now a days the range is up to 8 years but we are working to launch new products for teens. we plan to expand the range of our products in the short term.

How has your business evolved since it launched?

We launch Stickiestory last february and fortunately the business grow up fast, our sales at are better than our sales projections and also we have several people interested in developing Stickiestory in their respective countries.

How long did it take for you to build your book from idea to final product?

We started developing Stickiestory in june 2008, the process to write, illustrate and develop the web to make the stories online took our team 8 months of hard work.

What lessons has your business taught you?

Years ago I invented a product but I didn’t focus in the project, at that time I worked for a multinational company and I haven´t enough time to work in my own project. One day I saw how the same idea was a success from a canadian inventor, I contacted and I meet him in NYC, he told me about his personal experience developing business.

From that time I promised myself that always I will not matter what, I will listen to my inner voice and I keep working on my idea up to the end.

I started Stickiestory believing in the idea, working harder than ever, working with talented people, celebrating each advance, not fear to failure and dreaming that Stickiestory it would be a success sooner or later.

Today we live each sale as a personal success beyond the business.

I learned that to be successful you must to try as many times as necessary and never give up.

What goals would you like to accomplish over the next year?

We plan accomplish 3 principal goals in 2010:

  • Grow up in the corporate sales market (including marketing companies and Corporations)
  • Develop the distribution channel at least in 5 countries.
  • Increase the point of sales coverage at shopping malls.

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