Three Important Steps In Business

photo credit: jared

There are always’ list’s of important do’s and don’ts in any venture in life. In business, Zane Safrit say’s that the three most important thing’s in business are listening to your customers, talking with your employees and the most important by far being that you read your reports everyday.

That directive has the tone of ‘eat your vegetables’. There’s a corollary. Your health is in your vegetables. Your company’s health is in your reports. Both are insights of the obvious kind. Yet, if it’s so obvious, why do so many companies ignore their reports? Or use the wrong reports. (and why don’t we eat our vegetables, but let’s focus on the reports).

Wether it be in sales, marketing or cost reports they all show you several thing’s that are important to how your business functions. You get facts from them such as cost, time spent on certain projects, time wasted when it shouldn’t have been, resources, results on projects and marketing, customer habits and traits, etc. Visit to view the full article.

What do your business reports help you with?

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