May 2009

There’s An App For That….

We’ve all seen the iPhone App Store TV commercials that basically proclaim there’s an app for everything you could ever possibly want to do. App For That, is a website that gives you a series of user submitted “App For That” jokes, which you can vote on, tweet out, email, or even submit your own.

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2009 Invention Awards: Audeo

Popular Science: When Michael Callahan was 17, he lost his short-term memory when he hit his head in a skateboarding accident. “The neural pathways were all wrong,” he recalls. Within weeks, he was back to normal, but the incident left him thinking, how could he help people who had permanently lost abilities that most of

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Niche Biz:

Download Squad: You’re sitting comfortably in your plush chair at the multiplex, when suddenly you feel that twinge. A quick glance down at your 136-ounce cola and you instantly realize that nature is calling, and it’s urgent. You don’t have time to wait this time, but next time you can plan ahead for your restroom

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