photo credit: Tim Morgan

When contemplating how to get your message out there and to have it stick to the point where people keep passing your message onto family, friends and colleagues, there are a few points to remember on how to make your message go viral. Word Of Mouth Advertising wrote an article on ensuring your message sticks and is passed on.

I’m sure you have heard the urban legend of gang initiation, where you flash your headlights at an oncoming car without their lights on, then you are hunted down and murdered by the new gang member. This legend while being untrue is always passed on because it is emotional, helpful and has a trigger to make it a reminder to pass it on.

Your message needs to make people feel something, it needs to make them think they are doing the public a great service by passing on the message, and most importantly it has to have a trigger that sparks their brain during conversation to remember the message in order to pass it on.

Viral doesn’t have to be a crazy YouTube video — Here’s our CEO on nitrous! Start thinking about emotion, public service, and triggers. We didn’t say it’d be easy; in fact, it might require you to rethink the way you do business. But if it works for scissors and veggie-oil-fueled buses, it’ll work for you.

Do you have a message that you made viral?