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Startupnation recently posted an article talking about making your responses to your marketing as optimal as they can be. Remember to pick a marketing strategy that has a viral quality to it, something like emails or your typical promotion mailings.

Make sure that it’s as easy as possible for the readers to be able to respond to the piece of mail. Have the response link out in the open rather than hinden in the message somewhere. Repeat your response link, make sure it’s in the message at least 2-3 times that way there’s several chances for them to see it.

Use an awesome headline that not only is action oriented, but it will also reassure their decision to open the email in the first place. Include an offer, something that the person can learn, enjoy or gain by this email.

Copy: Break up your copy into sections and use bullets for online readability. People receive so many messages these days that they typically scan emails to quickly determine the value and relevancy in a matter of seconds. While reading an email they may be asking themselves, why is this important? what do I get? and how do I respond? Make sure you can answer those questions yourself, quickly, before you hit send.