Leadership Poster
photo credit: Thorne Enterprises

It is very common that leaders have to learn how to act as such. This is where learning from a real actor could come in quite handy for the company. There are many different way’s to accomplish this task, and they all prove to be beneficial to the company.

The power of improv comes from the instant feedback that the games provide. You can quickly see what habits you need to break, have the opportunity to practice new skills while receiving continuous reinforcement, and have fun at the same time.

This technique teaches leaders to pick up on cues, demonstrate trust, listen more respectfully and value other’s opinions. Rather then always’ telling your employees “no, but”, start telling them something like “yes, and”. This will cut out the immediate disappointment of telling them no all the time.

Help make each other look good by providing ideas and a helping hand to each task. Take the back seat and let other’s sit behind the wheel and drive. Sometime’s it’s best to take a step back, watch and learn and then go in and take the reins as discussed on Discussion Leader.

Do you have suggestions on leaders actually acting like a leader?