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When starting up any business, especially an internet business it is important that you have the proper tools for maintenance, programming, ongoing support and more. Below is a list of tools that are sure to come in handy for those of you trying to start-up your own web based business.

●Wordpress. This is extremely easy to use for everyone and very effective. It’s almost like the internet version of Microsoft office. You can count word’s, spell check, add tag lines, pictures, html’s and more.

●Google apps. For a low cost of $50 per user account per year per user account you get the mother load of all search engines. Search engine’s is one of the biggest parts of your web business.

●Freshbook. For $14 per month you can use this program to keep easy tabs on where all of your revenue is coming from.

●Go bootstrap. Not only is it free (for now), the even better news is that it integrates directly with Freshbooks. With GoBootstrap, you simply enter any expenses you incur and assign them to the appropriate IRS tax category. GoBootstrap does a great job of calculating your estimated quarterly tax payments. And since it now connects to Freshbooks, the calculation includes income along with the expenses.

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What good internet tools have you found for your web based business?

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