Sales Prevention Strategies?

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There was a recent interview done on OpenForum where the interviewee was being asked what he thought about the companies sales prevention specialist. Why? That is my only questions to this matter, why would you want to prevent sales? In a world and day and age where every sale matters big, here are a few prevention strategies that you DO NOT want to use in your business.

You can’t take it with you policy. One restaurant actually refuses to allow people to have take home bags of leftover’s. If someone wants to order $20 worth of food and only eat $10 worth of it and take it home…let them…bigger sale for you
Gift certificates that don’t work. What is this? Have you ever had an instance where you went to pay with one of these and they wouldn’t take it, or it is expired. Take it anyway…you’ve already collected the money for it.

Salespeople who don’t sell — Since when did a sales person become just a warm body? Sales people are there to sell and help customers choose the product and/or service that best meets their needs. There is a reason why the things we sell are called “OFFERINGS.” We are supposed to OFFER them to people; actually present them as a potential targeted solution to a customer need.

Have you experienced a situation with a sales prevention specialist?

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