Daily Short Meetings?

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In a previous post I wrote about how it may be time to do away with daily or weekly meetings as they can be time consuming where email updates would take less productivity time. In this post I’m going to the other extreme with daily short meeting’s.

A recent article was posted on CrowdSpring regarding meeting’s. A man came to the defense of meeting’s with valid points throughout the article. His company has a five minute long meeting every morning. They discuss what their business did the day before and what they want to do that day in business.

Now, this may seem to the far end of extreme to have a meeting every day, but he makes a good point to it…it is a short and to the point meeting. Does your business know what they did the day before, do you know if you reached your goal that day or even what your goal was to be reached?

We don’t wait until the end of the week to see if we’re having a bad week. We don’t wait until the end of the month or the end of the quarter. Every single person (yes, even the development team), knows every single day where things stand. And this way, it’s everyone’s job to spot the trend and do something about it.

Do you think your company could benefit from this type daily meeting?

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