Start A Biz With Guaranteed Turnover

The Franchise Magazine:

Following the sale of their greengrocer business, Peter and Prue Davies were keen to operate another business together in a more profitable industry. With its guaranteed turnover, ongoing support and a proven track record spanning 15 years, commercial cleaning franchise Dublcheck caught their attention.

“We had been greengrocers for 12 years,” reflects Peter. “We had reached a point where our profits were steadily falling as we could not compete with supermarket prices, so we decided to sell the business. Prue and I work well together and we had enjoyed working for ourselves, so we knew becoming employees was not an option.

“We wanted to start up a business in a completely different sector and decided franchising was the safest route. This is because as franchise owners we would have access to ongoing training, support and guidance from the franchisor, which would ensure we did not make any avoidable mistakes. We found Dublcheck during our research into the franchise industry and immediately liked its concept of a guaranteed turnover* with the franchisor finding you your clients and guaranteeing you the level of turnover you desire.”

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