Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats
photo credit: atomicjeep

Is it time for your company to do away with the Monday morning meetings, checking up on employees, reports, statistics on employee performance, etc? In a recent new book regarding a new era of work, it is suggested on Open Forum that it’s time to do away with old business practices and begin new ones.

It is easy to fall into the trap of adding more layers of bureaucracy rather than instilling mechanisms that encourage experiential education and growth. People must be allowed to fail as long as they take the steps to fix the situation and learn.

It is no longer the days where one person has one job function and one expertise, it’s time for all employees to be flexible in doing their old job as well as learning new job functions.

Rather then having those every Monday morning meetings and regularly scheduled check-ins on your employees, regular feedback from your employees say through email or a weekly sheet on Friday would be more sufficient and less time consuming for everyone.

How has your company changed it’s way of learning?