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photo credit: Saquan Stimpson/monstershaq2000

Did you know that May is when you need to start trying to get media publicity for the fourth quarter holidays? That’s when many major magazines start accepting, and even have deadlines for, submissions for holiday gift guide publicity placements. And if yours is a product business, most likely the fourth quarter of the year is absolutely crucial to your bottom line.

Below are a few ideas taken from Small Business Trends for obtaining free publicity for your products for this years holiday season.

We all know that timing is critical so make sure you send your pitches to these companies in at the right time. When sending in your pitches, pick out the most colorful and attention grabbing ones to send in that you have.

Include products for pets, people who are true pet lovers want to see promotions and products for their fury loved ones even at the holiday’s. If any of your products are associated with any celebrities, be sure to mention that in bold print. Some companies will only look at products if a known celebritity is a user of it.