Is Social Media Right For Your Company?

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It seems that everywhere you look today companies are embracing social media to help strenghten their business. So it’s only natural that others are begining to wonder if social media is the way to go for them. Even if your just entering into social media practices, it is important to asses if it’s even working for your company.

CrowdSpring recently wrote an article suggesting some points to look at when working with social media. Set some goals that are well defined. Meaning, you need to know exactly what you expect to gain from social media before you’ll know if it was effective or not.

After you have realized just what you want to gain, you need to know how to measure your return on investment (ROI) and the tools that make it easier for you to do so. If your already affiliated in some way with google, you’ll be happy to know that there is a tool in the google world called google analytics that can help you in measuring your ROI.

There are today no universally accepted metrics for measuring social media ROI for business.  Every business is different – and each business has unique goals and ways to measure those goals. I have little to offer to help you with metrics other than to share how we measure our own activities.

Is social media right for your business?

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