Manage Effectively

3D Team Leadership Arrow Concept
photo credit: lumaxart

As managers and owners, we all try to find the best and easiest ways to manage our team, because lets face it, when we manage effectively it ultimately produces higher productivity and thus creating higher revenue volumes. A recent Gallup study showed there are four ways to manage effectively.

●Focus on your employees strengths rather then their weaknesses. This in turn will motivate your employees a lot faster then if you just point out how they are lacking.
●Select your employees by viewing their talents instead of their long experience and qualifications.
●Define the outcomes of your expectations rather then the steps that the employees need to take in order to achieve it.
●When developing someone, help him or her find the right fit, rather than the highest possible job title. People will often be happier doing what they have a talent for. Find ways to reward employees who don’t want to move up the corporate ladder.

What way’s have you found to manage more effectively?

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