Voltron Star Shooter
photo credit: John Kratz

I came across a very fun article on The Franchise King Blog about the top franchise to buy for the month of May. I couldn’t believe it when I read the top franchise is a mobile photography business called Grins2Go! It’s the only traveling photography company to the best of their knowledge.

While being stated as something definitely to take a look in, there is no experience required to buy their business other than you have to be willing to have some fun when going to work. You would travel to birthday parties, weddings, graduations, sport events, anniversaries, those high end corporate parties and more.

Grins2Go is worth a look. It is different enough to make one wonder if mobile is the way to go, and low cost enough to be scalable. After all the main components are the photography equipment and a really great looking van.

What do you think of this traveling photography company?

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