Cleveland Non-Profit Buys A Franchise

In today’s economy, more and more shoppers are hunting for bargains, and retail outlets like dollar stores can provide some low cost options to help homeowners extend their budgets. One Cleveland, Ohio dollar store is filling this niche, but with a twist. Not only can area residents shop at the new Just-A-Buck dollar store located in Parma, a Cleveland suburb, but they can do some good, too!

Local franchise consultant, Joel Libava, explains;

Anne Hach, the director of Key Entrepreneur Center at Cleveland Corporate College, wanted to make sure that the folks at the Cuyahoga County Board of Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilities {MR/DD} were in attendance for my quarterly class on franchising at the college. Anne informed me that they were interested in exploring the franchise ownership model to help employ their workers. Anne made sure that I met them before my class.”

“I toured a couple of MR/DD’s employment facilities, to get a better feel of what types of franchise concepts might work, and then scheduled an in-person meeting with the representatives of MR/DD and S.A.W. Inc., who is their non-profit partner, so I could start learning about all of their needs. During our meeting it became clear to me that a retail type of franchise would be the way to go, and my first thought was Just-A-Buck, a dollar store franchise out of New York. After all, a dollar store has a rapid inventory turn, and high traffic counts, which would be perfect for a sizeable amount of part-time employees.”

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