Feel Smarter About Technology

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If your someone who get’s around technology and automatically feels dumb, your not the only one. Many people don’t understand a lot about technology as it can be very confusing and complicated sometimes. Below are a few tips located on Small biz Technology on how you can be and feel smarter about technology.

Many things that are out to help you run your business online can be obtained for free, things such as email accounts, twitter, facebook and some online back up systems. Go out and get yourself a Virtuual Assistant. Someone who is computer and internet savvy for your solo online business, they can help a great deal with most of your company sectors.

Sometimes when you hear technology experts speak, you might think that you should know everything they know. However, this is not the case. Think about your own expertise. Marketing? Chair making? Accounting? Car repair? Plumbing? Fashion? I bet many of the technology experts, like myself, you hear speaking, are not experts in many (if any) of the above skills. You are. But they are not dumb.

Do you tend to loose a sense of intelligence when you get around technology?

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