Initial Taykt Sketching
photo credit: Yandle “The copywriting outline provides a single tool where you record all the details about your product or service that you will need to produce compelling copy again and again. It’s also an evolving instrument that you add to as your product or business changes and grows.”

Here are a few suggestions from the copywriting outline list that are sure to help you in your writing tasks. Today more then ever it is important to cover every aspect of your business including your format.

● Headline and subhead. The headline reaches out and grabs the attention of your clients. The subhead helps to give a little more information that is involved with your headline.
● Key selling points and special offers. Your key selling points obviously outline the points of your product or service that benefits your customer. Your special offer included is meant to help increase your chances of a sale through a special discount or bonus offer.
● Disclaimer. This could be the most important part of your copyright. This is to protect yourself and your company against liability and potential lawsuits…do not forget to include this in the end.

What does your writing say about your business?