Justicia Urbana
photo credit: kalidoskopika

You’ve spent years coming up with the ultimate product or service and your so sure that the public and media is going to love your new idea. What now? Below are three steps that will give your product or service the attention it deserves in the media as talked about on WomenEntrepreneur.com.

1. Make sure it’s a product that the media will agree is great. This has to be a unique item, breakthrough product, work’s great, tastes great, best price ever, etc.
2. Find the right media and make your pitch. Check out your local newspapers, local tv shows, magazines. Figure out who’s in charge of the section that fits your product.
3. Follow up on your pitch afterwards.

This is the part that trips up most do-it-yourself publicists and even PR folks. Once the media have expressed interest in your product or service, be persistent.
The easiest way to follow up is to provide a date and time when you will check back. Get the journalist’s agreement, and then do it.

How did your first pitch to the media go?