Best Management Tools For Your Small Business

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If your managing your own small business, then you already know that you hold more titles than you technically have time for during your day. This can become very overwhelming quickly if you do not utilize the right tools to help you. SmallbizTrends has come up with some management tools for your small business to help make your life easier in the long run.

Smart phone, now some people may feel this is a sort of envasion into their daily routine, something that is not needed. Think again, being able to answer emails from anywhere, being able to respond to a text or an im that is regarding an important business matter can mean all the difference.

One of the leading project management solutions, Basecamp is a Web-based app for small business owners. We use it to keep track of internal projects, assign tasks to contractors, share files and track time. They have a monthly fee that varies depending on how many projects, the amount storage and level of security you need. Most importantly, it has an API that integrates with a number of other small business management tools.

Less accounting will greatly improve your time and life in business. With simple accounting apps you can record and track all of your accounting matters and easily share them at any time with your accountant.

Do you have any tools to add to this list?

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