Self Help Tips For The Home Office

photo credit: Risager

When making the transition from office to home office, there are many aspects that people never think to look at, many things that they take for granted in the outside office and don’t even think to make sure they are in place when moving to the home office. Below are a few self help tips from SmallBizTechnology to help your transition go a little smoother.

A very helpful tip is the free vs. fee tip. There are so many programs online that can be obtained for free vs paying a fee to use them. Free programs and software will be one of your most treasured business tools. Have IT on call. No matter how computer savvy you are, computers crash and sometimes do come down with viruses that even you wont know how to fix. Make sure you have your IT tech on call for these types of problems.

Become Your Own Self-Help Consultant. When you had IT on call in the corporate office, you might not have even realized their call went against someone’s balance sheet. Have an issue? Make a call. Issue fixed. When you work alone from home (assuming you’re not an IT guru), every call to IT costs real money. Learn to troubleshoot your own problems.

What lessons have you learned in your transition from outside office to home office?

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