New Googles Voice Feature

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In business big or small we can always use as many helpful features and tools to run thing’s smoother that we can find. One of googles new features that is excellent for business owners of any kind is their google voice feature. Recently talked about on FastCompany, google voice is showing so many wonderful and helpful features for your everyday business life.

You can divert your calls to any number on the fly. Say you take the original call on your cell phone, you can still have it transferred from your cell phone to the office, assistant’s cell, spouse, etc. The “call me” button is one of the coolest features that they have. You can put this “call me” button on your business website, and when clients click on the call me button it will ask for their number, then the site automatically calls you and the client at the same time and when you pick up you are connected and the client never even sees your number.

If you use a multimedia blogging platform like Tumblr or Virb, you probably embed audio in your posts all the time. Google Voice allows you to embed voicemails and recorded calls (yes, you can record calls; see below) anywhere you can embed HTML, letting you convert funny or informative messages into public posts.

How could you put google voice to good use in your business?

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