National Football League (NFL) player and San Diego Chargers running back, Darren Sproles has signed a marketing partnership with Submarina® California Subs. Together, Sproles and Submarina plan to leverage the joint venture to create opportunities to educate the community on the importance of eating and living well.

Sproles, who gained prominence as one of the Chargers’ standout players during the 2008-2009 season, initially approached the San Diego-based sandwich chain about working together on community health-based initiatives. Prior to games and workouts, he would visit the Submarina location near team training facilities and order a sliced oven roasted chicken breast sub sandwich on wheat bread with many of the fresh toppings Submarina has to offer. The sandwich filled him up to perform at peak levels and the fresh, healthy ingredients helped him to sustain high athletic performance throughout games. As the smallest player in the NFL, Sproles knows that taking care of his body is key in giving him an athletic edge.

“Darren is an excellent role model and a great representation of the Submarina brand,” said Mimi Zeller, Submarina president.

“Submarina and Darren are alike in many ways. Darren must constantly prove himself and similarly, Submarina is a small company that must prove itself against its giant competitors. He is small and mighty and so are we.”