Internet Marketing Checklist

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If you run your own small business, you most likely already have a website and if not, then that is one of the top priorities that should be on your list. However, running the website can be challenging for some, especially those who are new to the computer technology and don’t know where to start. StartupNation Blog was kind enough to post a sort of check list for your internet marketing needs.

  •    Blog. If you don’t already have a blog you should set one up. This gives you constant communication with your readers.
  •    Awesome content. Make sure that the content you put on this website is something that will definitely catch the attention of your readers and keep them interested enough to return to your site.
  •    Answer Sites. You can greatly build up the credibility of you and your company by providing a space where you answer questions from your visitors.
  • Build Relationships. Capture your prospects’ contact information through your website, and setup a customer relationship management database. Leverage email marketing to offer something of value to your database on an ongoing basis.

What can you add to this checklist?

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