The founders of Mama Mio admit there’s a selfish element to their brand. The good news is, that works not just in their favor, but in yours.

You see, Sian Sutherland, Kathy Miller, and Tanya Kazeminy Mackay, who collectively have 7 kids between them, created their signature skincare line based on what they couldn’t find as young, active, modern pregnant women – skincare solutions that made them feel good inside and out. So what did they do? They essentially created a company that produces the effective, custom products they themselves wanted to use but couldn’t find.

They saw a void in eco-aware lotions and potions that could safely help pregnant women reduce stretch marks, soothe overly dry skin, and help new moms bounce back while feeling pampered, glowing, and just plain good about themselves. And once they succeeded there, they branched out to create skincare lines that could help all women – moms or otherwise – look and feel their best.

Mama Mio products – from stretch mark prophylactics to skin firmers, scrubs, and body-softening oils – are intended to keep your skin elastic, fit and healthy. They’re made from more natural ingredients, which allows the packaging to tout ingredients that contain “no nasties,” so you feel good about using them. And yes, they do smell light, feminine and like you just stepped out of a relaxing spa treatment.

Logo from Mama Mio