Teen Entrepreneurs Offer Tips


Launching a small business can bring big returns. But it’s anything but easy money. Running a firm takes stamina, creativity, discipline – and sometimes, even physical work.

For kids who want to get started right away, USA TODAY polled successful entrepreneurs and small-business experts for advice. Their tips:

– Don’t let shortcomings thwart you. Everyone – from those with learning disabilities to those earning national scholastic honors – has the ability to become an entrepreneur.

– Expand upon your interests. “Find a task (or) work you like and that is in demand.

– Scour for savings. Leanna Archer of Leanna’s Inc. surfs the Web to find the best prices on everything from ingredients to product containers.

– Price wisely. “Feel around and see what other companies are charging,” then price competitively.

– Don’t overinvest in supplies/equipment. “Allow your business to grow, and then grow your equipment into your business.

– Promote your business and yourself. “Seek business; do not wait for it to come to you.

Photo by USA TODAY.

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